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Stroopwafels are a dime a dozen, but Kanjers is one of a kind! These stroopwafels are large, authentically Dutch and made with cinnamon and bourbon vanilla according to the same authentic recipe since 1995. Weโ€™ve used the very best ingredients for the past twenty-five years. You can taste the care we put into our delicious stroopwafels! People around the world love Kanjers. Our special packaging makes Kanjers the perfect on-the-go snack, post-training energizer, or sweet school treat. In addition to our original Kanjers stroopwafels, we also have other delicious and unique flavours youโ€™ll love. Have you tried them all?

Kanjers stroopwafels are available at most Dutch supermarkets, petrol stations, train stations, vending machines, corporate caterers and wholesalers.


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